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Our dairypowders are being produced by the main European manufacturers, like Sachsenmilch (Müller Group) for milk protein, protein isolate, milk calcium and lactose. We are the Sachsenmilch agents in Spain.


We work with:


      - Skimmed milkpowder and Full cream milkpowder.

      - Organic BIO milkpowder.

      - Lactose free milk powder.

      - Reduced lactose milk powder.

      - Milk protein; WPC 80, WPI 90, MPC 60, MCC 60, MPC 80, MCC 80.

      - Whey powder.

      - Lactose.

      - Milk calcium.

      - Buttermilkpowder.


Formats are the most common in the market: from 20 and 25kg bags to 1.000kg BigBags.


All manufacturers are high standard certified: BRC, ISO, etc.


Our customers are among the:


      - Cheeseproducers: milk and whey protein, (MPC, MCC, WPC), milk powder.

      - Dairyindustry: milk powders, milk and whey protein, (MPC, MCC, WPC), lactose.

      - Ice cream factories: milk powder, butter.

      - Sports nutrition/adult nutrition: milk and whey protein, (MPC, MCC, WPC, WPI). Whey protein isolated.

Beurrespa - Telf.: +34 91 81 00 976 - Email:
C/ Castillo de Ponferrada, 54 - 28692 Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid - Spain).