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Our dairypowders are being produced by the main European manufacturers.


We work with:


      - Skimmed milkpowder and Full cream milkpowder.

      - Organic BIO milkpowder.

      - Lactose free milk powder.

      - Reduced lactose milk powder.

      - Milk protein; WPC 80, WPI 90, MPC 60, MCC 60, MPC 80, MCC 80.

      - Whey powder.

      - Lactose.

      - Milk calcium.

      - Buttermilkpowder.


Formats are the most common in the market: from 20 and 25kg bags to 1.000kg BigBags.


All manufacturers are high standard certified: BRC, ISO, etc.


Our customers are among the:


      - Cheeseproducers: milk and whey protein, (MPC, MCC, WPC), milk powder.

      - Dairyindustry: milk powders, milk and whey protein, (MPC, MCC, WPC), lactose.

      - Ice cream factories: milk powder, butter.

      - Sports nutrition/adult nutrition: milk and whey protein, (MPC, MCC, WPC, WPI). Whey protein isolated.

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