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The sheep's milk and its derivatives we are working with has his origin in Spain and Italy. Just like:


Raw sheep´s milk and/or thermised sheep´s milk bulk format (lait de brebis cru/thermisé):

      - 25.000lt tank.

      - Destined for making sheep cheese.

Sheep milk semi-skimmed Brick UHT (Lait de brebis UHT):

      - 1 lt format.

We export our 1 lt UHT sheepmilk to retailers all over Europe.

      - Sheep milk has a higher concentration of nutrients than cow's milk and twice the protein.

It has more essential amino acids, 60% more calcium, almost twice phosphorus quantity, more amount of magnesium and zinc, as well as a higher concentration of vitamins.

      - It´s ideal for people intolerant of cow's milk, and has a much more pleasant taste that goat's milk or soy milk.

Frozen sheep cream (creme de brebis surgelée):

      - 20kg block format.

Destined for making sheep cheese or sheep's milk ice cream.

Sheep serum (Serum de brebis):

      - 100% sheep´s cheese protein.

      - 25kg bags format.

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