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Fried Onion

Our crispy fried onion is a higher demanded product in Spain. It can be used in many occasions: hotdogs or hamburgers, salads topping, appetizer, ready meals, meat and fish dishes,etc…


Available from 8 grs monodosis until 10000 grs bulk format:


Our clients are among salads producers, as well as super/hypermarkets and Foodservice.


Our croutons are produced with high quality ingredients.


It can be used in:

      - Soups.

      - Salads.

      - Creams. etc.


Available in formats:

      - From monodosis 8 grs until bulkformats of 10 kgs.


Available in multiple flavors:

      - “Natural crispy".

      - Sunflower oil.

      - Fine Herbs.

      - Bacon.

      - Garlic & onion.

      - Tomato & basil., etc.


Our clients are salads manufacturers, as well producers of ready meals and foodservice.


Our cranberry are 100% natural. It´s ideal for decorating salads, bringing a touch of color and freshness. Multiple formats and packagings are available.

Nuts and seeds

Our nuts and seeds assortmen available in several versions and formats and packaing from nature mono product as well as mixed with other nuts, seeds, croutons, raisins etc.


We can offer any kind of nuts and seedsmixes to cover all your needs.

Fried pepper

This fresh and innovative product is made from fresh peppers which are fried in 100% vegetable oil until crunchy. The hint of sweetness and crispy bite really add something different to many dishes.


Cheese Pearls and cubes


Available in multiple formats and flavors (IQF and refrigerated), can give special touch to your salads, and combine perfectly with many other dishes (pizza, pasta, etc).


Available in flavours:

      - Goat Cheese pearls honey.

      - Goat Cheese pearls natural flavor.

      - Cow pearls tomato flavor.

      - Cow pearls pesto flavor.

      - Cow pearls garlic flavor.

      - Cow pearls natural flavor.

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